Annie Fox
Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope

Forever 21 glittery guys

This jazzy pair of oxfords go with EVERYTHING and they were about the same price as a movie ticket! Every time I wear these I…
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Annie Fox
Annie Fox Dec 04, 2012

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Annie Fox Sep 20, 2012
Zombelle and Ultrademonpic
Annie Fox
Annie Fox Apr 10, 2012 Originally by yasfx
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Annie Fox Feb 28, 2012 Originally by yasfx
What's REALLY Going Onvid

What's REALLY Going On

To all the kids that are getting bullied. Music: Vespertine - The End of the World Imported from Uploads by kerlimusic
Annie Fox
Annie Fox Dec 14, 2011 Originally by kerli
What's a computer? As explained by children back in the 80svid

What's a computer? (As explained by children back in the 80s)

Back in 1991, at the tender age of 11, I wrote about the future. I can't remember what inspired it, but I wrote a list…
Annie Fox
Annie Fox Oct 21, 2011

Apple iPhone 4s - Quick Poll

As you may have heard the new iPhone has just been announced to the overwhelming sound of "arrrrgh!" People everywhere are turning those smiles to…
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Annie Fox Oct 04, 2011

Geek Garb: Teddy Duchamp, Stand By Me

There was a time when geek and style were forces as opposing as tuna and milkshakes. But those days are long gone, and to celebrate…
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Annie Fox Jul 13, 2011
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Annie Fox
  • Sunny LA, US
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About Me:

Looking for love in Alderaan places


D&D, animal print, blackholes, cars, comics, fantasy, gaming, manicures, sci-fi, shoes

Favorite Music:

Beach House, Beyonce, Bloc Party, Blondie, Bowie, Dead Weather, Destroy All Monsters, Electrelane, Fever Ray, Florence and The Machine, Handsome Furs, Interpol, Janelle Monae, L7, Led Zeppelin, Lunachicks, Lykki Li, New Order, Rolling Stones, The Cure, The Doors, The Kills, The Knife, The National, The Smiths, The XX, Wolf Parade

Favorite Movies:

Star Wars Ep, VI: Return of the Jedi

Favorite Books:

Gateway, The Orchid Thief

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